TLDR: App Engine Cron does not work with recommended ingress settings for the Global Load Balancer! Can we implement similar, secure behaviour using Cloud Scheduler?

I recently worked with a customer who was creating a new web app. The customer needed to move very fast, and wanted a serverless solution with high scalability and built-in services. AppEngine standard fit the bill nicely. The customer had previously worked with the Java 8 first-generation App Engine runtime, so they decided to stick with that.

App Engine has been around for long time, but it remains a popular choice for many apps, and…

I often have a few side projects on the go. Some of these are just throwaway experiments, and others are longer term hobby projects. However, all of my personal projects share one requirement — that they do not cost much of my hard-earned cash to run! Everyone likes cheap, right?

It therefore makes sense that most of my personal projects favour serverless tools; it’s typically much cheaper to use serverless options for small-scale, low traffic projects. What’s more, Google Cloud offers a generous free tier that includes free quota for serverless options like Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, BigQuery…

Jeremy Tangney

Architect. Developer. Ponderer. Googler.

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